Dear Community Partner:

We are very pleased to announce that LifeStream’s Board has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to explore with The Centers, in
Marion and Citrus Counties, and Meridian, in North Central Fl, an affiliation of the three centers.

After 8 months of comprehensive meetings and discussions, our leadership teams and Boards have agreed that this affiliation, still
subject to due diligence, will greatly enhance our ability to meet our strategic goals to better serve clients, integrate care, and build
on our financial strength.

Our three agencies are like-sized and are committed to service excellence, stewardship, best practices, and developing our
talented workforce to its highest potential. Together, we have a greater opportunity to broaden our scope, create centers of
excellence and greatly expand training and career development for our employees than we would on our own.

Because each of us has local roots, and understands the value of being community-based, we will continue our respective
traditions of responding to local need and developing services consistent with the unique constituencies across this large part of
the state that we collectively serve. Our consumers are of paramount importance. Each of our three agencies has unique clinical
strengths that we will be able to share; and together we can support their availability across the entire region. We look forward to
retaining local services, supported by a larger pool of expertise. Our consumers can expect to continue to receive care from the
same clinicians they have come to trust with their healthcare needs, and at the same locations.

LifeStream’s staff is the backbone of our organization and we are committed to maintaining and enhancing our workforce. In
addition, we anticipate training options and opportunities for professional development to improve as we begin to share expertise
and resources for training and development

We are confident that, while this affiliation will create a regional behavioral healthcare synergy second to none, we want to assure
our community partners and investors that they can continue to rely on LifeStream to be as accessible and responsive as ever.
Our hospital, school services, and other healthcare clinics should see no change. We will continue to serve the community
through providing high quality services, education, events and providing opportunities for you to invest in LifeStream and to
improve the lives of our fellow citizens, directing where your investment in LifeStream goes and what it supports.
Over the next six months, we will conduct our due diligence and fill in details of our affiliation. During that time we will also be
seeking the approval of various regulators and funders of our services. For now, it’s “business as usual,” all functions will continue.
Much of the work will be behind the scenes, and we will enhance and accomplish this goal with an excellent system of care as the
end result.

We are extremely excited about the work we will undertake in the next months. We look forward to working with our staff and
community partners as we create our new affiliated company and determine how to create the synergies that will result in a wider
array of services, improved effectiveness, and greater value. You will hear more about the plans in the coming months, and in the
meantime we welcome any questions or concerns you may have.

Jon Cherry