LifeStream Services

Intake and Evaluation Services

If you or a loved one is experiencing a mental health or substance abuse crisis and need someone to talk with, our Access Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve you. Highly skilled and experienced counselors are available day and night to screen individuals that come to us for help either on their own, from a hospital or other health care facility, or through law enforcement personnel.

Inpatient Services

Sometimes persons struggling with acute mental illness and substance use disorders may require a brief hospital stay before they can go back to their daily routines. Our hospital is a safe place that provides crisis stabilization services for adults, adolescents and children. Our physicians examine and determine appropriate treatments for each individual. Group therapy, individual and family therapy, as well as medication management, help facilitate the individual’s return home.

Residential Services

Residential Programs- Persons with serious mental illness or substance use disorders may not be able to live independently, at least not for awhile. LifeStream operates residential programs located throughout Lake and Sumter Counties that provide a safe, therapeutic environment for all age groups. Residents have access to rehabilitative and recovery services as well as having a primary clinician or case manager assigned. Residential programs focus on bio-psychosocial functioning, including group treatment, daily living skills and activities. Our goal is to give individuals an opportunity to re-integrate back into the community.

Housing Continuum/Support Services

Having a safe, stable place to call home, is a cornerstone of recovery. LifeStream offers an array of housing options to people living with mental health conditions and substance use disorders. Each program is designed to promote recovery, foster maximum independence and reduce the need for other forms of shelter, hospitalization stays or involvement with the criminal justice system.

Rehabilitative Services

At LifeStream we believe in recovery and the potential of all people to embrace life, contribute to their communities and enjoy family and friends. Our rehabilitative services enable individuals to realize this vision for themselves by working to reduce symptoms and functional limitations and barriers related to mental illness and to learn illness management, self-reliance, and recovery skills.

Adult Clinical Services

LifeStream operates outpatient clinics located in Leesburg, Clermont, Bushnell, and Eustis. Outpatient services provide a range of mental health, and substance use disorder services for adults, including medication management, therapy, substance use counseling and much more. Individuals may be referred by family, a community agency, the courts, or self-referred. Services begin with a comprehensive assessment and the creation of a treatment plan that the individual helps to design. Based upon the initial assessment and diagnosis, the appropriate treatment will be provided. Care is overseen by board-certified psychiatrists and licensed clinicians.

Child Clinical Services

At LifeStream, we know that mental illness and substance use doesn’t just affect adults; that children and their families can be impacted too. That’s why we offer children’s clinical services at each of our four outpatient facilities in Lake and Sumter Counties, as well as through our schools, community-based programs and child and family services programs services programs. We provide comprehensive mental health and substance use disorder services helping individuals and families understand the symptoms of emotional and mental health conditions and providing access to effective, evidence-based counseling services. Psychiatric evaluation and medication management may also be provided.

Child Welfare Services

Whenever there is family instability, an increased risk of problems for children is almost sure to follow. The loss of income, substance use, catastrophic illness, divorce, incarceration, etc., can cause disruptions in the quality of life for most families. The odds for tipping the scales out of balance for fragile and at-risk families are even greater. We are committed to the well-being of children and their families. Working closely with Kid’s Central and the Department of Children and Families, our responsibilities encompass a wide range of services, including – among other things – assistance to families working to stay safely together or be reunited, foster care, and adoption.

Psychiatric and Medical Services

Our medical and psychiatric team consists of doctors and nurses who are highly qualified to address the complex issues that come with individuals who have substance use and mental health challenges, from diagnosis to treatment to primary care. Our entire team of physicians and practitioners truly cares about helping individuals be well and live fulfilling lives.