Inpatient Services

Sometimes persons struggling with acute mental illness and substance use disorders may require a brief hospital stay before they can go back to their daily routines. Our hospital is a safe place that provides crisis stabilization services for adults, adolescents and children. Our physicians examine and determine appropriate treatments for each individual. Group therapy, individual and family therapy, as well as medication management, help facilitate the individual’s return home.

Psychiatric Care Unit

Adult Unit – This unit is an acute care, secure, crisis stabilization program that serves the adult population, ages 18 years and over with a full range of psychiatric diagnoses such as: bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, major depression, personality disorders, organic disorders, and others. Psychiatrist’s lead the multi-disciplinary team and work with nursing staff, behavioral technicians, counselors and other staff during the individuals stay in the hospital. The discharge plan is a key component of the care. After stabilization, the individuals are discharged with follow-up services that may include individual and family therapy, group therapy, nutrition education or referral to another program that may continue to provide more services that meet the needs of the individual

Psychiatric Care Unit
Crisis Stabilization Unit

Crisis Stabilization Units

Adults & Children – Sometimes no matter how strong we are, life can overwhelm us or a psychological disorder can get the better of us. We may feel hopeless and perhaps think about taking our own life. Our Crisis Stabilization unit for adults and separate children’s unit offer a safe place where a Psychiatrist lead treatment team can assess what you or your loved one needs to get through the immediate crisis and start feeling better. Children in crisis have unique needs and our children’s unit gives children and families a safe place for inpatient treatment and the child-centered care required to establish balance in their lives again. Each crisis unit provides short-term inpatient treatment to individuals with serious, acute psychiatric illness. Examples include suicidal thoughts/feelings, violent behavior, persons who are court ordered for evaluation or other severe psychiatric disturbances that cannot be addressed as an outpatient. The crisis units serve as an alternative to long-term inpatient hospitalization by providing brief, intensive stabilization services. Individuals receive psychiatric/nursing assessments and treatment and group, individual and recreation therapy services as needed. Discharge planning and aftercare referral to outpatient or other services are also provided. Persons may refer themselves or be referred by family members, the judicial system, law enforcement, local medical hospitals, physicians or significant others.

Psychiatric Care

Geriatric Unit – Older adults with a psychiatric illness often have special needs, which is why we offer them a place of their own where they can receive treatment, medication management, therapy, education and special activities especially suited to seniors’ possible confusion and limited physical abilities. This unit specializes in crisis stabilization services and treatment for the senior population. The acute care unit provides short-term inpatient treatment for seniors with a serious, acute psychiatric illness and includes psychiatric services, medication management, psycho-educational sessions, individual therapy, group and family therapy, nutrition education, as well as special activities that are suited for the senior population in a safe and relaxing environment.

Geriatric Unit

Addictions Receiving Facility

Drug and alcohol, misuse, abuse, or addiction can devastate a life and it doesn’t matter what age you are or how much money you make. If you or a loved one is drinking too much, or are struggling with legal or illegal drugs, we can help. For many individuals, support and assistance through acute life-threatening withdrawal from alcohol and opioids/heroin use is an essential part of their recovery process. Psychiatric and nursing care, medication and monitoring of detoxification symptoms enables individuals to safely withdraw from addictive substances. Detoxification is a short stay program and individuals are provided supports to continue their recovery through the most appropriate outpatient or residential program to meet their unique needs. Recovery Specialists work with each individual to determine the best discharge and aftercare plan. Our addictions receiving facility provides voluntary and involuntary *(Marchman Act) detoxification service

*Marchman Act defined: Chapter 397 of the Florida Statutes is known as the “Hal S. Marchman Alcohol and Other Drug Services Act of 1993”. It provides for the involuntary or voluntary assessment and stabilization of a person allegedly abusing substances like drugs or alcohol and provides for treatment of substance abuse.