Psychiatric and Medical Services

Our medical and psychiatric team consists of doctors and nurses who are highly qualified to address the complex issues that come with individuals who have substance use and mental health challenges, from diagnosis to treatment to primary care. Our entire team of physicians and practitioners truly cares about helping individuals be well and live fulfilling lives.

Medication Clinics

Psychiatric Medical services are provided to adults, children, and adolescents. Medication clinics are located at each of LifeStream’s outpatient facilities in Eustis, Leesburg, Clermont, Crystal River and Bushnell. Psychiatrists and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners see individuals who need evaluation and medication management. These services are directed towards the maintenance of the individual in the community, a focus on recovery and resilience, and prevent relapse.


Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

MAT services are led by Board Certified Addiction Medicine Physicians to provide medication-assisted treatment and group, individual, and family therapy for those addicted to alcohol and/or opioids, such as painkillers and heroin. MAT provides Vivitrol or Suboxone to chronic alcohol and opiate dependent persons and Narcan for opioid/opiate overdose reversals. This program is part of a comprehensive treatment program that includes counseling and participation in social support groups. MAT is designed to embody meaningful, real-life outcomes for individuals who are striving to attain and sustain recovery, build resilience and work, learn, live and participate fully in their community.

Primary Care Services-Wellness Integration Network (WIN)

The WIN Clinics provide primary care services to anyone over the age of 18 at two conveniently located offices in Eustis and Leesburg.  Clinics provide comprehensive medical services ranging from physicals to treating illness and injuries, such as colds and flu; infections; diabetes; high blood pressure; and health screenings. In addition to medical services and testing, WIN offers holistic, integrated & coordinated care.


Pharmacy Services

LifeStream operates a full-service pharmacy in our Leesburg Outpatient Clinic that is provided by Genoa Healthcare, a specialized pharmacy for persons with mental illness.

How Genoa Healthcare helps:

  • Full-service pharmacy that can fill all of your medications, even those from your primary care physician
  • Pre-filled pill organizers to help you take the right dose at the right time
  • Dependable delivery and mail services at no cost to you
  • A trusting and caring staff to help you with anything that comes up, including medicine and insurance questions
  • Available to answer questions during business hours or through their 24-hour customer service line

Learn more about Genoa Healthcare at

Patient Assistance Program

Through LifeStream’s prescription assistance program, we provide mental health prescription assistance for low-income residents of Lake, Citrus and Sumter Counties. There are no charges for medication provided by pharmaceutical companies, however, there is a $4.00 per prescription filling fee for ‘state provided’ generic medications from a community pharmacy.

Patient Assistance