Child Welfare Services

Whenever there is family instability, an increased risk of problems for children is almost sure to follow. The loss of income, substance use, catastrophic illness, divorce, incarceration, etc., can cause disruptions in the quality of life for most families. The odds for tipping the scales out of balance for fragile and at-risk families are even greater. We are committed to the well-being of children and their families. Working closely with Kid’s Central and the Department of Children and Families, our responsibilities encompass a wide range of services, including – among other things – assistance to families working to stay safely together or be reunited, foster care, and adoption.

Family Connections

Family Intensive Treatment- (FIT)

The FIT Team serves individuals who have a co-occurring mental health and substance use diagnosis or an active substance use diagnosis, who are involved with in the Child Welfare System with having at least one child in the home of the age 10 years or under.

Family Behavior Therapy Team (FBTT)

The Family Behavior Therapy Team (FBTT) implements the use of the evidenced based Family Therapy Behavior model for substance abuse, provided by a highly trained multi-disciplinary team of behavioral health professionals. In-home, team-based services including clinical/treatment, case management, and recovery support services are provided to the families who have substance abuse concerns, particularly parents with children ages 0-1, and involved with child welfare. Each family is provided with positive and rewarding support by program staff throughout the treatment and recovery process.


Family Intervention Services (FIS)

Family Intervention Services provides adult substance use outreach, screening, intervention, and case management to child welfare involved caregivers. FIS does not function in a treatment capacity, but often provides subject area consultation, and acts as a case coordinator and liaison between the substance use treatment programs and the Department of Children and Families and/or the Family Care Management program case management staff. FIS case managers provide support, motivation, and advocacy to caregivers throughout the treatment and recovery process.