Residential Programs

Persons with serious mental illness or substance use disorders may not be able to live independently, at least not for awhile. LifeStream operates residential programs located throughout Lake and Sumter Counties that provide a safe, therapeutic environment for all age groups. Residents have access to rehabilitative and recovery services as well as having a primary clinician or case manager assigned. Residential programs focus on bio-psychosocial functioning, including group treatment, daily living skills and activities. Our goal is to give individuals an opportunity to re-integrate back into the community.

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Youth and Recovery Care Center

The LifeStream Youth and Recovery Care Center (YRCC) provides integrated treatment for co-occurring disorders which includes short term residential and outpatient treatment for youth ages 12-17 and their families. The YRCC program serves families in Lake County. The goal of the program is to support youth and families through providing comprehensive services that are person-centered, and culturally, linguistically, and age-appropriate, addressing the needs of each youth and their whole family. The YRCC program is anchored in the community and improves accessibility of substance use prevention, treatment, and recovery maintenance services.

Road to Home

This residential unit provides short-term treatment for those individuals who were treated at Florida state psychiatric facilities that no longer meet the criteria of a state treatment facility, but cannot currently be discharged due to an absence of appropriate residential beds statewide. This program will serve as a statewide step-down program for civilly committed, non-forensic, severely and persistently mentally ill residents. Steps of recovery will develop self-care skills, communication skills, and recovery orientation so that residents can be stepped down to a less restrictive environment in as short a time as possible. This unit is designed to assist individuals return as rapidly as possible to the community.

Phoenix House

Phoenix House South

This house is a residential facility for adults with mental illness designed to increase the level of functioning of the residents by providing training and skills development in the areas of residential and independent living via group and individual experience. The facility is staffed with 24-hour waking coverage to provide a safe, supportive, orderly and predictable environment for our residents. Length of stay may be one to two years or longer.

Geriatric Residential Treatment Systems

Geriatric Residential Treatment Systems- is a residential treatment facility serving primarily seniors who are severely mentally ill. The treatment focus is on providing a therapeutic and supportive living environment with programs offering rehabilitative services, wellness and recovery planning and activities in a safe, nurturing, supportive environment geared toward the special needs of the elderly.

Geriatric Residential Treatment System
Adult Choice

Adult Choice

Adult Choice is a substance abuse residential facility serving adults with substance use and/or co-occurring mental health disorders. The program is appropriate for persons characterized as having substance use disorders along with other mental health issues such as self-destructive lifestyles, difficulties with interpersonal relationships, criminal justice histories, prior treatment episodes in less restrictive levels of care, and difficulties at work or school. In addition to clinical services, considerable emphasis is placed on services that address the client’s vocational needs, social functioning and need for stable housing upon discharge.

Connections, Recovery and Support Residential

The CRS (Connections, Recovery and Support) Residential Program is a short term (60 to 90 days) residential program that works closely with consumers with a primary mental health diagnosis that have become high-utilizers of mental health and substance abuse crisis services due to underlying issues such as homelessness, lack of continuity of care, and poor support systems in the community.
Consumers will receive one-on-one assistance from the CRS Care Managers and Peer Recovery Specialists in identifying needs, completing referrals for needed services, developing WRAP and Safety plans, and managing their illness.

They will also participate in groups designed to motivate them in achieving life goals and reiterate the importance of partnering with their treatment providers and the management of their medications; and will also have the opportunity to participate in AIMS programming to learn skills needed for independent living, such as pre-employment, social skills and use of community resources.

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Lake Region Homes/Supervised Apartments

Lake Region Homes

Lake Region Homes is designed for residents who have achieved a capacity for independent living, but require some assistance, support and some staff supervision and/or intervention in order to live successfully in the community. Staff are available to train and assist residents with independent living skills and to assist residents to handle crises as they arise.

Our Turning Point Ranch

Our Turning Point Ranch is a therapeutic group home for girls who exhibit distinct emotional and behavioral challenges that can best be addressed in a group home setting. Residents are referred by DCF and Community-Based Care lead agencies. Our staff is trained to address inappropriate behaviors with constructive interventions that demonstrate understanding, sensitivity, and nurturance in a safe, secure place in which to heal and grow. The girls are embraced by a circle of love and caring in a house that feels like a home with the ultimate goal of successful integration back into the community.